Chiffon Cake

Chiffon Cake

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Chiffon Cake

1. Raw material weighing, spare

Chiffon Cake recipe

2. Pour white sugar into the egg

Chiffon Cake recipe

3. Manual whisk at high speed for 8 minutes, and the toothpick can’t be inserted.

Chiffon Cake recipe

4. Sift the flour into the beaten egg liquid three times

Chiffon Cake recipe

5. Stir the flour well every time

Chiffon Cake recipe

6. It's okay without particles

Chiffon Cake recipe

7. Milk and corn oil are completely fused

Chiffon Cake recipe

8. Stir evenly with the batter, pour it into the mold, knock a few times to make the big bubbles disappear

Chiffon Cake recipe

9. Put it in the oven, 160 degrees, about 50 minutes. After baking, put it on the shelf upside down and let it cool, in order to prevent the cake from collapsing

Chiffon Cake recipe

10. According to personal taste, increase or decrease sugar appropriately

Chiffon Cake recipe


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