Chive Cheese Bread Sticks

Chive Cheese Bread Sticks

by Junzhi

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Now at room temperature during the day, the basic fermentation of bread is no longer a problem. And the final fermentation can still follow the winter "oven + hot water" method-put a large plate of hot water in the oven with the door closed, and let the water vapor create enough temperature and humidity in the oven to cope with most families. The needs of artisanal bread-we all know these, so it won't be too wordy.
Today's bread shaping is very simple: what is the simplest shaping method? Knead it, press it and it's OK. If you have been worried that the bread you made won't make a beautiful shape, then this time it must be fine!


Chive Cheese Bread Sticks

1. According to the general bread making method, knead all the materials for making bread into dough, knead it to the expansion stage where the film can be pulled out, and ferment at room temperature to 2.5 times its size (it takes about 1 hour at a temperature of 28 degrees), and ferment it well. Exhaust the air from the dough, divide it into 6 parts and knead it for 15 minutes. Take a dough that has been fermented in the middle, place it on the chopping board, and slowly rub it into a strip with your hands.

Chive Cheese Bread Sticks recipe

2. Put the rolled dough on the baking tray and press it with the palm of your hand to make it slightly flattened; after all 6 bread sticks are made according to this method, the shaped dough is finally fermented at a temperature of 38 degrees and a humidity Prove for about 40 minutes in an 85% environment, until the dough becomes twice as large as the original

Chive Cheese Bread Sticks recipe

3. Squeeze a line of salad dressing on the dough; then sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese, put it in a preheated 180 degree oven, bake for about 15 minutes, wait until the shredded cheese on the surface of the bread melts and becomes golden brown. Can be baked, sprinkle with chopped green onions after baking

Chive Cheese Bread Sticks recipe


1. The mozzarella cheese used in the ingredients, that is, the cheese used when making pizza, is called Mozzarella Cheese in English, and it is sold in large supermarkets. Other types of cheese can also be used instead, but there may not be mozzarella cheese that melts easily when heated, and it will retain the shredded cheese shape before roasting after roasting;
2. Dried chopped green onions, cut the green onions into small pieces, and dry them in the sun. There are also dried chopped green onions in the market.


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