Chive Egg Waffles

Chive Egg Waffles

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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As the saying goes: Have a good breakfast. The nutritional balance of breakfast is what we need to pay attention to. A reasonable intake of starch, protein, fruits and vegetables is a must. Taking breakfast today as an example, the multi-grain porridge + chive egg pancake + milk is done as described above. Thick multigrain porridge and noodles: carbohydrates, can have a long-lasting feeling of fullness, and eggs have been the most common nutritious food with high nutritional value since ancient times; the nutritional value of an egg contains almost all the nutrients necessary for the human body Substances, such as protein, fat, vitellin, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium, and potassium; so people can replenish their physical strength after eating; adding chives and carrots not only enriches the taste, but also increases nutrition; Even children who don't like to eat green onions and carrots will not refuse. My family is like this. Zhang Bing can be killed without much trouble. It can be said to be a perfect nutritious breakfast. Haha: This little chive is sent by my sister. It's super fragrant and delicious, and it's very beautiful~`~


Chive Egg Waffles

1. Prepare the ingredients

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

2. After washing the carrots, chop into shreds and then dice, it tastes good

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

3. After the chives are cleaned, cut them into pieces

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

4. Prepare a large bowl, pour in flour and salt, beat in 2 eggs, add appropriate amount of water, and stir to form an egg batter

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

5. Then pour in the chives and chopped carrots and mix well

Add an appropriate amount of water to make a thin thick batter (the thickness of the batter can be according to everyone's preference, and the amount of water is naturally different)

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

6. Adjust the batter to the thin and wet state you want, I like to make it into a flowable linear batter

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

7. After heating the non-stick pan, pour a little rapeseed oil

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

8. Spoon a large spoonful of batter, this amount can make three scallion egg pancakes

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

9. Lift the non-stick pan and make a circle, the batter will flow automatically along the edge of the pan, becoming bigger and thinner

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

10. Fry on a medium and small fire, wait for the sides to start to warp

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

11. Then use a spatula to turn it over

Chive Egg Waffles recipe

12. When both sides are fried to make golden brown, it can be served, and continue to fry the next cake

Chive Egg Waffles recipe


1. Adding egg liquid can make the pancakes fragrant, crispy and more nutritious
2. Bake the scallion pancakes, choose this kind of green onion, with less white scallion, the taste is the best
3. Don't be impatient when frying, just turn on a medium and small fire, it won't be battered or burnt, and the color is also beautiful
4. If you want to fry green and golden scallion pancakes, the batter should not be too thick, it is best to have a flowable linear shape, so that the fried pancakes will be moderately thick and mature quickly.


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