Chixiaodou Barley Crackers

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers

by Wanshanhong

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With the OSTINI multi-function pot, the enthusiasm for cooking in the kitchen is high. This pot has many functions and is very convenient to use. Automatic temperature control, so that you don't have to worry about the temperature being bad whether you are making cakes or grilling. The weather is too hot, dehumidification is very important. Today I will use Chixiaodou and barley to make a damp-removing pancake. Chixiaodou has a better trend effect than red beans, so I chose Chixiaodou. The flour is mainly rice noodles, with millet noodles and soybean noodles. So the texture is similar to the texture of rice cake. Using the OSTINI pan's multi-purpose baking tray, low-temperature frying and baking, the cakes are very soft, tender and sweet. The color is also very beautiful, don't worry about baking.


Chixiaodou Barley Crackers

1. Wash the chixiaodou and barley soak for half a day.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

2. After the change, add water and beans video, and then use the rice cooker for half an hour. Add brown sugar. I use old-fashioned lumpy brown sugar.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

3. Continue to boil for another half an hour to make honey beans. Keep cool and set aside.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

4. The flour uses sticky rice noodles, millet noodles and soybean noodles.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

5. Pour the flour into a basin, add yeast powder, baking powder and sugar. Add water and stir to make a thin paste.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

6. Use a multi-purpose bakeware. After preheating at low temperature, brush a little oil on the bottom and pour a layer of batter. Add a tablespoon of cooked red bean and barley on top of each. If you like more beans, you can add more. I added an extra spoonful to the one on the far right.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

7. Pour another layer of batter on top and cover the beans. If you put a lot of beans, you may not be able to cover it, but it does not matter, it can still be solidified.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

8. Cover the lid and fry at low temperature for about four minutes.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

9. Turn it over after ten minutes, leaving the other side to dry, and fry for another four to five minutes. It's ready to be out of the pot.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

10. These two are the bean-many ones and the one-spoonful ones. I personally prefer beans with more.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

11. This one is made of a large spoonful of beans, break it open and have a look.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

12. This one has two spoonfuls of beans. It's full of beans, it's delicious.

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe

13. Super delicious red bean barley crackers. "Get rid of dampness, OSTINI will accompany you through the heat and heat"

Chixiaodou Barley Crackers recipe


When using this pan to make small cakes, you can use low temperature. Or the low temperature is a little bit higher. Don't choose too high temperature, so that the maturity of the inside and outside of the screen will be more consistent.


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