Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies

by April light rain

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A delicious chocolate chip Cookies. I really love chocolate and I can’t help myself when I encounter this one. I ate 4 pieces in one breath. The rich chocolate taste, with a soft texture on the outside and soft inside, is just great. Extremely

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies

1. Prepare ingredients: 154g low-gluten flour, 10g cocoa powder, 100g butter, one egg, 5ml Baileys liqueur, 34g caster sugar, 34g red sugar, 2g baking soda, 5ml boiling water, 1g salt, 150g dark chocolate beans.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

2. Mix 10g of cocoa powder, 34g of red brown sugar, and 14g of low-gluten flour into a cooking machine and grind evenly for later use. At this time, the oven is preheated up and down to 170 degrees.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

3. The butter is softened at room temperature to a state where your fingers can be inserted softly. Add in sugar and stir slightly.
Send it to a feathered state, don’t send it too far

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

4. Add a piece of whole egg liquid, and beat until well mixed.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

5. Add 5ml Baileys liqueur and 1g salt and stir well.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

6. Add 5ml of boiling water and 2g of baking soda and stir evenly; add in the butter paste and stir evenly

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

7. Add red brown sugar and cocoa powder and stir evenly.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

8. The low-gluten flour is sieved three times and added to the butter paste, and mixed evenly with a rubber spatula. Don't over-press and mix, just mix well.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

9. Decorate the surface of the cookie dough with chocolate beans

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

10. Divide the chocolate bean batter into 40 small pieces, knead them into balls and place them in a non-stick gold plate. Decorated with chocolate beans on the surface

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

11. Baking: Fire up and down at 170 degrees for 12 minutes~ This is a soft cookie! You can extend the time for 5 to 8 minutes if you like it.

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe

12. Wow~ the delicious Chocolate Bean Cookies are out~ I like the taste of chocolate so much...

Chocolate Bean Soft Cookies recipe


It is recommended to use dark bitter chocolate beans in the ingredients, so that the taste can be neutralized, and the sweetness of the cookies is just right. If you use sweet chocolate beans, the sugar content should be relatively reduced according to your own taste.


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