Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom

Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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Flammulina is delicious and has high nutritional value. Eating Flammulina velutipes regularly can lower cholesterol, fight fatigue and improve human immunity. Flammulina velutipes is very rich in amino acids, which is higher than that of general mushrooms. Especially the content of lysine is extremely high, which has the function of promoting children's intellectual development.
There are many ways to eat enoki mushrooms. The most direct way is to blanch them in boiling water and add some chopped peppers. The colors are bright and you will have an appetite. Stir it a few times, it tastes very salty and spicy, especially for dinner!


Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom

1. Bring water to a boil, add enoki mushrooms and blanch until cooked

Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom recipe

2. Fish out and put in a bowl

Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom recipe

3. Add oil in a hot pan, add chopped pepper and a little chopped green onion, add a little soy sauce, and swipe a few times. Chopped pepper is salty, so don't add too much soy sauce. While it's hot, pour it on the enoki mushrooms, sprinkle some chopped green onions, and it's done. Stir well when eating, it's delicious

Chopped Pepper Enoki Mushroom recipe


Chopped pepper is salty, so don't add too much soy sauce.


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