Christmas Gingerbread

Christmas Gingerbread

by Junzhi

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Gingerbread is the most common cookie for Christmas. This kind of ginger-scented, fun-filled biscuits is very popular with everyone. The making of gingerbread is very simple, but the eyeball effect is surprisingly good, especially children, will love it. At Christmas, make a box of these cookies for your child, think about it, how happy he/she will be? !


Christmas Gingerbread

1. Pour all the ingredients for making gingerbread into a bowl, mix and knead by hand to form a dough

Christmas Gingerbread recipe

2. When the dough is first kneaded, the surface of the dough will be rougher. Continue to knead patiently for a while until the surface of the dough is smooth. Put the kneaded dough in the refrigerator to relax for 1 hour; place the loosened dough on the chopping board and roll it into a thin sheet of about 0.3cm thick (if the chopping board is not enough) Large, you can divide the dough into several smaller portions and roll them out in batches)

Christmas Gingerbread recipe

3. Using molds of various shapes, carve biscuit models on the rolled dough, place the carved gingerbread on a baking tray, break the eggs and mix with water to form a liquid egg. Brush a layer of egg water on the gingerbread, let it rest for about 20 minutes, and then brush a layer of egg water, put it in the preheated oven, and heat the middle layer up and down at 180 degrees for about 12 minutes, and bake it until you like it. Color can be taken out

Christmas Gingerbread recipe

4. After the biscuits are baked and cooled, they can be decorated. Mix the egg whites and powdered sugar to beat, add lemon juice, and continue to beat to become the meringue frosting (this step is very simple, you don’t have to use an electric whisk, just use a manual whisk), the finished frosting, Thickness can be adjusted freely according to needs. For example, the frosting used to brush the base color can be made thinner, so add a little more lemon juice. Used to draw lines. The icing for drawing patterns can be thicker, so add a little lemon juice.

Christmas Gingerbread recipe

5. The frosting used to brush the base color is more appropriate to adjust the consistency as shown in the figure (lift the whisk, the frosting will drip in thick lines), according to your needs, mix different colors of food coloring in the frosting, Made into different colors of icing

Christmas Gingerbread recipe

6. The frosting for the background color can be placed directly in the bowl, and the frosting used for drawing the lines is of course put in the piping bag. For the background color, use a brush to dip the frosting on the surface of the biscuit. Just wait for the icing to dry. After the lined icing is dry, cut a small opening at the front of the piping bag and squeeze out the desired pattern on the biscuit. (Of course, you can also draw lines directly on the biscuits without brushing the background color, let's play it at will)

Christmas Gingerbread recipe


1. The gingerbread dough needs to relax for a while before rolling, otherwise it will easily shrink when it is rolled out and carved with a mold. Similarly, it is best to relax for a while before baking, otherwise it may be easily deformed;
2. If the shape and size of a plate of biscuits are different, the smaller biscuits will be baked first. Once the small biscuits are almost baked, take out the baking tray, take out the baked biscuits first, and then put the remaining biscuits back into the oven to continue baking;
3. The surface of the biscuits can also not be brushed with egg liquid. The difference is that if the egg liquid is brushed, the surface of the biscuit will have a layer of gloss;
4. Brown sugar powder is rarely available. In fact, you can buy brown sugar in the supermarket and use the grinding cup of a food processor to make powder when you get home. Ginger powder and cinnamon powder are available in supermarkets, and the amount can be increased or decreased according to your taste. In traditional gingerbread, some spices such as nutmeg powder and clove powder are added to the ingredients, but not everyone can get used to their taste, and you can decide whether to add it according to your own taste;
5. After the biscuits are carved with the mold, the remaining dough can be kneaded into a ball again, roll out (it is best to let it rest for 20 minutes), and continue to carve.


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