Christmas Wreath Salad

Christmas Wreath Salad

by Yoha Kitchen

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There are still more than ten days before Christmas in the West. Christmas as the Spring Festival of crooked nuts has too much to do with our daily life; although it does not matter, the scenes set up in major shopping malls have already made people feel rich. Christmas atmosphere, this atmosphere makes the children excited

Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Santa Claus, etc., are essential decorations for Christmas. The children have a keen interest in the Christmas trees and garlands in the mall. They promised to make a Christmas tree and garlands for the children. He originally planned to go to Fushan to pinch some branches. When I came back, I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. I left the matter behind and went home directly after buying groceries;
Discuss with the children: Then~~~ Can you make an edible wreath?
The child replied: Good. . .

Christmas Wreath Salad

1. Prepare the required materials

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

2. Broccoli breaks into small flowers, soak in light salt water for ten minutes and then wash

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

3. Bring the water to a boil, put a little salt and vegetable oil in the water, add the washed broccoli to blanch water

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

4. Wash yellow bell peppers and cherry tomatoes and cut into small pieces

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

5. Jenny Jane’s black pepper-flavored sausages are fried in a pan with a little vegetable oil in the pan

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

6. Fried sausage cut into small pieces

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

7. Put all the ingredients in the seasoning bowl, and pour a little grapefruit-flavored salad dressing

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe

8. A Christmas tree made by the children is promised. Let the children put on the plate together. Put broccoli, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, sausages on the plate, and decorate it with a bow.

Christmas Wreath Salad recipe


1. When blanching vegetables, put a little oil in the water to keep the vegetables bright
2. There is no salt in this salad, and the salad sauce and cheese powder contain salt
3. Sprinkle cheese powder on the surface of the wreath


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