Clam in Thick Soup

Clam in Thick Soup

by White~Mist (from Tencent.)

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I am very happy to get the trial of Knorr Soup Bao. Thank you for the trial opportunities provided by Food Jie and the manufacturer. Now there are a lot of flower-jacket shops outside. There are so many friends who like to eat. The business is very hot. My family also likes to eat flower-jaw. , But I don’t dare to eat all the things outside. I have made clams once before, but I always feel that something is missing. This time I just got the try of the soup treasure. I wanted to use the soup to make the clams, because the clams Stir-frying is always not easy to taste. Adding the thick soup treasure is equivalent to making the clams in the broth. I can't think of the combination of the thick soup treasure and the clams, a very wonderful combination. When the fresh juice of clams and the thick soup are combined to challenge the whole taste buds, it is extremely delicious. It is highly praised by the family, and the preparation is very simple, no need to add other seasonings, even if you have no cooking skills, you can make delicious clams.


Clam in Thick Soup

1. Put the clams in the water and soak a little for more than 2 hours. (Make clams spit out mud)

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

2. Prepare the required ingredients.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

3. Slice ginger and mince garlic for later use.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

4. Put edible oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic and stir-fry until the aroma comes out.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

5. Put in the thick soup treasure.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

6. Put a spoonful of water and turn on a medium-to-small heat.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

7. The soup treasure is about to melt completely.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

8. After all melted, put in the washed clams.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

9. Bring to medium heat, and the clams will open slowly.

Clam in Thick Soup recipe

10. Wait until the clams are all opened. (During stir-frying, fish out and throw away if you don’t open your mouth)

Clam in Thick Soup recipe


Choose fresh clams, soak them in light salt water for more than 2 hours, and then clean them. When frying, fish out and throw away if you don't open your mouth.


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