Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】

by Danielle89

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This Club sandwich is simple and easy to learn. It is translated into a presidential sandwich in some restaurants in China. I don't know why, so I just translated it literally! The chicken I used in the ingredients is the leftover chicken breast from the grilled chicken yesterday. Remove the bones. You can also use the grilled chicken bought outside. If you don't like chicken breasts, you can remove it and save it for sandwiches. A very interesting phenomenon, most people in China do not like to eat chicken breasts, but chicken breasts in Canada are sold at twice the price of chicken legs and whole chickens, and the whole chicken can not be seen in the local supermarket in Canada. There are almost no chicken feet or necks. I don’t know where all these scraps go. Every time I go to the supermarket, I can’t help but sigh how much they really lost the joy of eating..."


Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】

1. The picture shows all the ingredients we need to make Club Sandwich. The mayonnaise mayonnaise I use here is the original flavor. If you can’t find the same in the imported supermarket, just use the ordinary brand, but don’t make it sweet. Try to be original! Bread is the ordinary original sliced bread in the supermarket. There is no other breakfast sliced bread that I use in my home today. In fact, it is the same as long as it is original and not milky, and it can cover the taste of the food itself!

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

2. This is the mayonnaise I use

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

3. Fry the bacon in a frying pan over low heat

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

4. Fry the oil until both sides are browned, take it out and place it on kitchen paper.

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

5. Put the bread in the toaster and bake for two minutes, take it out, and spread an appropriate amount of mayonnaise on each slice of bread.

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

6. Add lettuce and chicken to the first layer. You can grind some black pepper and salt on the chicken. Put tomato and bacon on the second layer. Put the two layers together, then take a slice of bread and cover the upper layer!

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe

7. Fix both ends of the finished sandwich with toothpicks and cut it in the middle with a knife! This completes the sandwich, and you can also serve it with a piece of French fries, and a simple sandwich dinner is ready!

Club Sandwich【club Sandwich】 recipe


Lettuce can be used with lettuce balls, chicken can also be replaced with ham, in short, you don’t have to be shackled to cook, use your existing ingredients to create new delicacies!


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