Coconut Flower Bread

Coconut Flower Bread

by White~Mist (from Tencent.)

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It is estimated that many bean lovers like the coconut flavor. The bread is made into a flower shape, and the middle is decorated with tomato sauce. I like it very much, and the children will definitely like it even more when they see it. My recipe is only four loaves, if it is too small, it can be doubled to make eight flower-shaped loaves.


Coconut Flower Bread

1. In the main ingredients, 140 grams of high-gluten flour, 68 grams of water, 2 grams of yeast powder, 25 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt, 8 grams of milk powder, and 15 grams of whole egg liquid are all put into the bread machine, knead until smooth and put in the butter , Continue to knead until you can pull out the glove film, round it up, and put it in the bread machine to ferment

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

2. Make coconut filling during the fermentation time. After the butter is softened, add fine sugar and mix well

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

3. Add the beaten egg liquid and mix well

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

4. Pour in the coconut paste and mix well

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

5. Knead the coconut and butter with your hands to make the coconut filling. Divide the coconut filling into 4 portions and set aside

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

6. Ferment to 2 times the size, the time is about one hour

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

7. Take out the fermented dough and divide it into 4 parts, round and relax for 20 minutes. Take a loose dough and press it flat.

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

8. Press the flat dough into a coconut filling

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

9. Tuck the dough covered with coconut filling, roll it into a flat circle with a rolling pin, and cut 12 knives on the flat circle dough with scissors

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

10. Put the cut dough into a flower shape

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

11. After the dough is shaped, put it in a warm place for final fermentation until the dough becomes twice as large as the original. Brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface of the dough after fermentation is completed, and squeeze a little tomato sauce in the center of the dough

Coconut Flower Bread recipe

12. Put it in the preheated oven and bake, in the middle of the oven, heat up and down at 180 degrees, 15 minutes, until the bread surface is golden and ready to be out.

Coconut Flower Bread recipe


The jam in the middle of the dough can be squeezed with any flavor you like, but it is mainly for decoration. Don’t squeeze it too much to prevent it from flowing down during baking.


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