Coconut Mooncake

Coconut Mooncake

by Gu Suluo Xiaoqi

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Making mooncakes is a work of experience. I have written a full ten summary of the experience of making mooncakes for the first time! When I made mooncakes this year, I felt that there was no experience summary to write, indicating that the success rate was high. The reason why the experience summary was written was because of the number of failures, and the reason for each failure was a summary.


Coconut Mooncake

1. Prepare all the ingredients; make the crust: invert syrup + oil + alkaline water and mix well

2. Sift the flour in; knead with your hands to form a dough, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 1 hour

Coconut Mooncake recipe

3. After the butter has softened at room temperature, put in powdered sugar and mix well with a rubber spatula

4. Mix the egg liquid and milk thoroughly; pour it into picture 5 in batches, and mix well each time; pour the minced coconut into picture 7 and mix well

Coconut Mooncake recipe

5. Put the raw flour in a container that can be put into a microwave oven, heat it for 30 seconds, take it out and stir it, heat it for another minute, and repeat the operation again until it comes out with the smell of cooked flour. Sift the cooked flour into picture 8

6. Spread evenly with a rubber spatula, and the mooncake filling is ready; when making mooncakes, weigh the filling first, and then divide it into 6 equal parts, each is about 35 grams. Weigh the crust and divide it into 6 equal parts, each is about 17.3 grams; take a piece of the crust, round it and press it flat, round the filling, and place it on the crust.

Coconut Mooncake recipe

7. Use the tiger-mouth wrapping method (see the description of steps 8-11 in the 20 illustrated Cantonese mooncakes for details.) Wrap the skin with the stuffing; close the mouth and knead it into an oval shape

8. Take out the moon cake mold and install the flower piece according to the instructions; put Figure 14 into the mold and press until it is fully integrated with the moon cake mold

Coconut Mooncake recipe

9. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Put tin foil on the baking tray, press the handle of the mold, pour the moon cake embryos on the tin foil, and spray a layer of water on the surface of the moon cake with a sprayer (I haven't had time to buy a sprayer, so I wet my hands directly under the faucet, and then shake the water On the surface of the mooncake)

10. Put the mooncakes in the preheated oven and bake for 5 minutes until they are shaped. At the same time, soak the brush with water and mix it with the remaining egg liquid; take out the shaped mooncake and brush with a thin layer of egg liquid

11. Lower the oven temperature to 160 degrees and bake until the surface of the mooncake is colored and the middle bulges. Take it out and let it cool and put it in a sealed bag for two to three days to return to the oil. You can see that the surface of the mooncake becomes shiny and the crust becomes soft.

Coconut Mooncake recipe
Coconut Mooncake recipe


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