Coconut Pastry Mooncakes

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes

by Weilan Weibo

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also a day for family reunion. Our Mid-Autumn Festival is like a Chinese New Year. Children will rush home from all directions, and the whole family will reunite. On this day, not only can one family enjoy the moon together in the evening, but also delicious moon cakes.
You don’t need to buy Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes. I teach you to make them at home. Today we will make Soviet-style moon cakes. No inverted syrup, no liquid water, no need to return oil. Just like we usually make shortbread, there is no difficulty. The recipe is for you. Follow the recipe. There is absolutely zero failure to do, and there is no need to wait for the oil to be returned.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes

1. Prepare ingredients, sift the flour in advance, coconut oil is solid, take it out of the refrigerator in advance to soften, coconut oil has high nutritional value, can reduce cholesterol ratio, can be used for beauty and anti-aging, can improve metabolism, antibacterial, antiviral, and activate thyroid function , Maintain energy levels, stabilize blood sugar.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

2. Make oil crust: Mix 75 bread flour and 75g cake flour evenly and sieve. Melt coconut oil in water, add powdered sugar, flour and warm water until there is no dry powder, and then knead it into a dough. Note that coconut oil is different from lard. Reserve it when making the dough 10g of warm water depends on the situation.
To make shortbread: 50g melted coconut oil, add 100g low-gluten flour, 10g purple potato flour and make shortbread. Cover the two kneaded doughs with plastic wrap. Pastry flour can not be mixed, you must use low-gluten flour, I choose Arowana cake flour, low gluten, strong water absorption, easy to use.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

3. To make the filling: coconut oil melted in water, add sugar and stir until it is emulsified, then add egg and milk. Stir well until it is emulsified, add the minced coconut, add the minced coconut slowly, depending on the dry and wet state, don't get too dry, otherwise it won't clump and make it difficult to handle. Let stand for about half an hour to allow the coconut paste to fully absorb the liquid.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

4. Then make a dough, plan to make 12 moon cakes, evenly divided into 12 equal parts.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

5. The oil crust and puff pastry are evenly divided into 6 doses.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

6. Take an oily skin, wrap it with a shortbread, and so on, cover it with plastic wrap, or buckle the basin to prevent it from drying out.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

7. Take a dough, roll it into a cake, and roll it up from one end. Cover with plastic wrap and relax for 10 minutes after all the rolls are finished.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

8. Take a piece of dough and roll it lengthwise into a cake and roll it up, all done, cover with plastic wrap and relax for 10 minutes.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

9. Then take a dough and cut it from the middle with the cross section facing up.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

10. Press flat, roll into a round cake, wrap with coconut paste filling on the cross-section side, close and pinch it like a bun.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

11. Prepare all the moon cakes and place them on the baking tray.

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe

12. Preheat the upper and lower fire at 160 degrees, and bake the middle layer for about 25 minutes, depending on the size of the mooncake. It's ready to be eaten when it's out of the oven!

Coconut Pastry Mooncakes recipe


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