Coconut Potato Meatballs

Coconut Potato Meatballs

by Lin Xiang

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The coconut paste at home has been kept for a long time, and one didn't think about what to eat. Today the child wanted to eat potato mash. I temporarily remembered coconut paste, so I changed the mashed potatoes into potato balls. The child said it was delicious.

Coconut Potato Meatballs

1. After the potatoes are steamed, add sugar and press into a puree, add egg yolk and press and mix evenly, add butter and press and mix evenly

Coconut Potato Meatballs recipe

2. Add condensed milk and mix well, add milk powder and mix well

Coconut Potato Meatballs recipe

3. Take an appropriate amount and put it in the coconut paste, wrap it in the coconut paste and round it, put it in a plate, sprinkle with dried fruit and garnish.

Coconut Potato Meatballs recipe


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