Coconut Pumpkin Bread

Coconut Pumpkin Bread

by Dazzling silk scarf

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The story behind this dish~: Bread is our most common breakfast and supper. It can be made into a variety of patterns. It is not only delicious, but also tastes very good, because my family likes to eat coconut bread or use it Coconut milk powder and noodles. Today, I made this bread with coconut milk powder. It is very delicious. You can try it.


Coconut Pumpkin Bread

1. Prepare ingredients

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

2. Put milk, pumpkin puree, eggs in the bread bucket, add salt, sugar, coconut milk powder, flour, and dry yeast on the diagonal

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

3. After one program, put butter in, and then knead the dough for 2 programs

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

4. After that, the first fermentation is carried out in the barrel for about 15-20 minutes

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

5. After the dough has been fermented in 20 minutes, it is evenly divided into 3 portions after exhausting, and kneaded into an oval shape, and placed in a baking tray

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

6. Spray with water to prevent it from drying out

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

7. Put it on the third floor of Midea oven, heat up and down at 38 degrees, and ferment for 30 minutes

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

8. When the dough has doubled its size, put a layer of butter or olive oil on the surface, or cooking oil, so that when the dough is finally out of the oven, the surface of the bread will be softer and taste better; this is one time, a little more oil , I just spread it on the surface of the bread. Unexpectedly, the effect is surprisingly good. You don’t need to apply the egg liquid. I personally feel that the oil is better than the egg liquid. You can try it.

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

9. After that, sift the flour evenly

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

10. Use a scalpel blade to make a few cuts each

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

11. [Preheat the oven and bake at 100 degrees for 10 minutes] Put it in the third layer of the oven and bake at 100 degrees for 20 minutes. [The fermentation time is short. This step is baking and fermentation at the same time]

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

12. After 20 minutes, heat up and down, and adjust the temperature to 150 degrees for 20 minutes

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

13. After 20 minutes, the bread is ready, the color and taste are very good.

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe

14. Detailed dimensions of the mold.

Coconut Pumpkin Bread recipe


Tips for silk scarves: 1. The water absorption of flour is different, and the varieties of pumpkin puree are different, so the degree of dryness and wetness is also different. Therefore, when you make the noodles, find out the degree of softness and hardness that you are suitable for. 2. Different oven models have different temperatures, so observe more when baking to get a good color
This recipe uses a Midea smart electric oven, the model is T7-L382B second generation, the capacity is 38L, the power is 1800W, please adjust the heating time appropriately according to the power and temperature difference of your own oven.


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