Cold Beef

Cold Beef

by Xianger Kitchen

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In early summer, Shanghai once again ushered in the yellow plum days of the year. The rain and the sultry weather every day make people feel a little breathless, and the appetite has begun to diminish. In addition to drinking some barley and red bean soup every day, you might as well. Have a hot and sour appetizer to stimulate your taste buds. Cold beef, self-made hot and sour appetizing juice, add a little peanuts to make fresh, it tastes good and enjoyable.


Cold Beef

1. Wash beef tendon after soaking in clean blood

Cold Beef recipe

2. Prepare seasoning packet, sliced ginger and shallots

Cold Beef recipe

3. Boil the beef tendons in a pot under cold water first, then remove them and wash them

Cold Beef recipe

4. Pour oil in a hot pan, add warm oil and green onion and ginger until fragrant

Cold Beef recipe

5. Then add the beef and stir fry to get the aroma and then add the rice wine

Cold Beef recipe

6. Add the braised soy sauce and stir-fry the soy sauce aroma and then add boiling water

Cold Beef recipe

7. Pour all into the pressure cooker

Cold Beef recipe

8. Press for 25 minutes

Cold Beef recipe

9. Prepare the seasoning for the sauce (oil chili sesame oil, red wine vinegar, fresh soy sauce, coriander, crisp cooked peanuts, minced garlic)

Cold Beef recipe

10. Add fresh soy sauce, red wine vinegar, oil chili, sesame oil, minced garlic to the bowl and mix well, then add a spoonful of pressed beef broth and mix well

Cold Beef recipe

11. Pick up the beef and let it cool, then slice it and put it in a basin

Cold Beef recipe

12. Then add the mixed juice, and finally sprinkle with chopped peanuts and chopped coriander and serve

Cold Beef recipe


1. Pressure the beef with a pressure cooker can reduce the cooking time, it can also be burned with an open flame, but you need to add enough water
2. The taste of each company is different, and the sauce can be adjusted according to your own preferences


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