Cold Cocory

Cold Cocory

by meggy dancing apple

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Sonchus is native to Europe and is currently distributed all over the world. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying; the high content of iron in chicory can prevent anemia and promote the growth and development of children. Eating sowcory helps to promote the synthesis of antibodies in the body and enhance the body's immunity. Long-term consumption can improve the body's immunity and prevent diseases. Promote brain function. Chicory can be eaten raw, it can be blanched and mixed, and it can also be eaten in soup.


Cold Cocory

1. One sowcory, choose to wash, drain and set aside

Cold Cocory recipe

2. Clean small tomatoes

Cold Cocory recipe

3. Everything in half

Cold Cocory recipe

4. Cut the bittern into inch pieces

Cold Cocory recipe

5. Small tomatoes and chicory in a salad bowl

Cold Cocory recipe

6. Chobe's mixed vegetable salad dressing is ready

Cold Cocory recipe

7. Pour into a bowl, stir evenly, red and green are alternated with each other

Cold Cocory recipe

8. The bitterness of the bitterness, the sweetness and sourness of the tomatoes, and the compound flavor of the big juice are really a refreshing appetizer and de-fire side dish.


If there is no large mixed vegetable salad sauce, some light soy sauce, salt, and vinegar are also delicious.


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