Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables

by Snow season (from Tencent...)

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A bag of Kewpie's salad dressing, with a large mixed vegetable flavor, can prepare a delicious dish, do you believe it? I tried it and it tastes very good. Sour, sweet and salty, simple, quick and delicious.


Seasonal Vegetables

1. Ingredients: carrots, bean skins, cucumbers, cabbage hearts, bittern, broccoli

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Break the broccoli, wash it, blanch it with boiling water, and remove it. Cool it with pure water for later use.

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Shred the bean curd, wash all two sections of the bitter, and shred the cucumber, carrot and cabbage heart

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Put the bean curd, cucumber, carrot, bittern and cabbage heart into the pot

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Add Chobe salad dressing to a large mixed vegetable flavor, add salt and light soy sauce

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

6. Add broccoli and mix well

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

7. Installed

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

8. Salty, sour, sweet and delicious

Seasonal Vegetables recipe

9. Finished product

Seasonal Vegetables recipe


The broccoli needs to be blanched in boiling water, and it can be eaten only after it is cold. The color will be emerald green. There are no fixed vegetables for the mixed vegetables. You can use any vegetables you have at home. If the amount of vegetables is small, a bag of Kewpie Salad Sauce (flavor of large mixed vegetables) will do. My amount of this dish is a bit large, so I added salt and light soy sauce.


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