Cold Pork Liver

Cold Pork Liver

by Sister Lai's Private Kitchen

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A simple and quick cold dish. "


Cold Pork Liver

1. Wash the liver and set aside.

Cold Pork Liver recipe

2. Put water in the pot, add soy sauce, ginger, cooking wine, garlic, star anise, and pepper.

Cold Pork Liver recipe

3. Boil it and pick it up, and cut into a plate after cooling.

Cold Pork Liver recipe

4. In a hot pan, pour the hot oil into a bowl with oiled chili powder, and add ginger garlic vinegar to your taste.

Cold Pork Liver recipe

5. Let the oil cool slightly and add the chopped green onion.

Cold Pork Liver recipe

6. Just pour the chili oil on it and eat it, or dip it in it.

Cold Pork Liver recipe


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