Cold Tripe

Cold Tripe

by Six Pinxuan

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Cold tripe, a very popular cold dish in hot weather, hot and sour and refreshing, you will never get tired of eating it. The tripe can be boiled more than once, let cool and cut into shreds, then divide into small bags, about half a catty, and freeze strongly in the refrigerator. When you want to eat, take out a small bag and microwave for 2 or 3 minutes after thawing. It can be used in cold dressing.


Cold Tripe

1. 1 kg of washed raw tripe, put in a pressure cooker, put 1 star anise, 1 piece of old ginger, a little cooking wine, boil, press for 12 minutes, remove the cold water after the gas has disappeared. 12 minutes is a reference. Basically, the tripe has been soft after cooking for so long. Everyone has different tastes. Adjust this time by yourself. One catty of raw tripe is about 4 taels (230 grams) after cooking, and it is just right to mix with a plate.

Cold Tripe recipe

2. The auxiliary materials to prepare the cold dressing: a few sharp peppers, a few pickled peppers, a few garlic cloves, a few slices of sour ginger, an appropriate amount of coriander, and an appropriate amount of crushed peanuts.

Cold Tripe recipe

3. Shred the cooked tripe, shred the sharp pepper, pickled pepper, and sour ginger, chop the garlic into a puree, and chop the coriander.

Cold Tripe recipe

4. Take a large pot, add some red oil, light soy sauce, vinegar, cold seasoning, garlic, chili shreds, and sour ginger shreds, and mix well.

Cold Tripe recipe

5. Continue to add shredded tripe, chopped peanuts, and chopped coriander, and mix well.

Cold Tripe recipe

6. Set aside the mixed tripe for a few minutes, and put it in a deep dish after it's flavored, and it's ready to be served. Ha。◕‿◕。

Cold Tripe recipe

7. This is a compound seasoning for cold dishes. Many brands are easy to dissolve and fragrant. They are easy to use. They are sold in ingredient stores and supermarkets. If you don't like it, you can use salt and chicken essence to taste, just as delicious.

Cold Tripe recipe


1. The tripe is pre-processed first, and this dish is quick to cook.
2. When seasoning, you can put a little bit of cold sauce and light soy sauce, taste it after mixing, and add the ingredients to mix it to suit your own taste.
3. If you like spicy, add some pepper oil and mix it together, it tastes better.


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