Colorful Braised Rice

Colorful Braised Rice

by Tasman¢Sea

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A tomato rice, upgraded version


Colorful Braised Rice

1. Cut the sausage into slices and the carrot into small dices. corn

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

2. The rice is good. Spread the tomato on the bottom of the pot, cut the tomatoes in the middle, and place them in the middle of the pot. Arrange the various vegetable ingredients in order. Put in the right amount of salt, light soy sauce, and a little bit of cooking oil.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

3. Press the cooking button and wait for the fragrant and hot meal.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

4. It is delicious and nutritious, suitable for the elderly and children. And it’s super easy, no need to cook.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe


Blessed are lazy people, invented specifically for lazy people. Novice cooking is ok


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