Colorful Soup

Colorful Soup

by Soft blue crystal

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This soup is very rich in terms of color and nutrition. Just look at the color, there are yellow, red, green, black, and brown. Don't say you can't see where the brown is, shiitake mushrooms are, but they are not obvious after they are cooked. Rich in ingredients and very nutritious, both adults and children can drink it.


Colorful Soup

1. Flick the ribs into water and add two slices of ginger.

Colorful Soup recipe

2. After the water is boiled, remove the ribs, put them in a casserole and simmer for half an hour on medium heat.

Colorful Soup recipe

3. Add carrots.

Colorful Soup recipe

4. Put in the chayote.

Colorful Soup recipe

5. Put in black fungus.

Colorful Soup recipe

6. Add the shiitake mushrooms and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

Colorful Soup recipe

7. Finally add the pumpkin and simmer for 10 minutes.

Colorful Soup recipe

8. During the stewing, remove the floating foam.

Colorful Soup recipe


1. The pumpkin must be put last, and it should not be simmered for too long, so as to maintain its complete shape.
2. You can add a little salt and MSG to taste.


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