Colorful Vegetable Pie

Colorful Vegetable Pie

by Soft blue crystal

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Since I was a child, my mother called these pancakes "pan fried pancakes". As soon as I stopped eating, or got sick, my mother made a few for me. The pie just out of the pan is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, so I like to finish the side. Later, when I grew up, I learned how to do it myself. Up to now, I have learned how to add various auxiliary materials by myself, and improve the use of electric baking pan to make it. It will no longer be muddy, and it is OK to be lazy to make a cake. I have to say that cooking food also represents a process of growth.


Colorful Vegetable Pie

1. Dice carrots, cucumbers, and ham, add sweet corn kernels, and finally beat in an egg.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe

2. Add flour.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water to make a paste, add salt, chicken bouillon, and a small amount of pepper, mix well.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe

4. Heat the electric baking pan, pour the oil, and pour the batter after 30 seconds.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe

5. Use a wooden spatula to spread the batter evenly, close the lid and heat.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe

6. After the surface has condensed, turn it over and continue to burn it until both sides are cooked.

Colorful Vegetable Pie recipe


1. Sweet corn kernels are derived from fruit corn. After peeling the kernels, they are frozen and stored. It is convenient to eat and take.
2. You can freely match the existing vegetables at home.
3. It can also be divided into pancakes.


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