Confinement Soup

Confinement Soup

by cindywang76

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Pork Loin Soup~~The best soup for women in confinement


Confinement Soup

1. Cut the pork loin on both sides.

Confinement Soup recipe

2. Use a razor blade to remove the white and red part, because it will have an unpleasant smell if you don't remove it. Soak it in water until the water is clear, there is no blood, and there is no smell. If you buy it without smell, just cut it directly.

Confinement Soup recipe

3. Cut the flowers horizontally or vertically.

Confinement Soup recipe

4. Put oily ginger in the pot, fry a few times, then put in white wine, fry again, and finally put two bowls of water and cook for about 5 minutes.

Confinement Soup recipe

5. Cook for about 5 minutes, don’t cook for too long

Confinement Soup recipe


The pork loin can get rid of the smell. You can also add pepper to the water and soak for more than two hours. The white and red parts must be cut clean. Use a shaving blade to cut clean the white and red smelly part, but be careful, because the blade is easy to hurt your hands~


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