Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup

Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup

by Yunyun Kitchen

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There is nothing simpler and more troublesome than making a pot of soup. The steps are not complicated, but it takes a long time to wait. As long as you have more patience, you can harvest a pot of sweetness the moment you open the lid. Cordyceps flower is flat, duck meat is tonic. Cordyceps flower meets duck meat, coupled with the slow cooking of time, the mellow taste of duck meat and the light herbal fragrance of cordyceps are fused, giving the family full of deliciousness and nutrition .


Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup

1. Chop the duck meat into small pieces of about 1.5 cm, fly the duck meat into water, then put it in a pot with cold water

Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup recipe

2. Season 1~5 to make juice, pour it into the pot of step 4. Cover and boil on high heat, then turn to low heat for three hours

Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup recipe


1. The skin and fat of the duck must be cleaned, and the soup will not be too oily.
2. Duck meat flying water is boiled water, throw in the ingredients, turn on the water again, turn off the heat to remove the duck meat.


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