Concentrated Chicken Juice recipes

American Ginseng Chicken Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Ribs, Red Dates

Stewed Lamb Chop Soup

Lamb Chops, Carrot, Yam

Cordyceps Flower Laoya Soup

Duck Leg, Cordyceps Flower, Red Dates

Lettuce Leaf Pork Miscellaneous Soup

Lettuce Leaves, Pork Liver, Lean Meat

Three Silk Salad

Thousand Sheets, Cucumber, Carrot

Beef Tendon Ball Mixed Pot Soup

Beef Tendon Balls, Kimchi, Old Tofu

Dried Matsutake Pork Ribs Soup

Ribs, Dried Matsutake, Soy

Bitter Melon Stuffed Fish

Bitter Gourd, Fish, Sugar

Corn Roast

Sweet Corn, Pork, Soy Sauce

Casserole Stewed Trotters

Trotters, Green Radish, Star Anise

Grilled Octopus with Winter Vegetables

Hairtail, Winter Vegetables, Red Sour Soup

Stir-fried Carrot and Pork Liver with Sauce

Pork Liver, Carrot (red), Green Pepper

Red and Sour Soup Salmon Head Duck Blood Pot

Salmon Head, Duck Blood, Parsley

Lettuce with Garlic Oyster Sauce

Lettuce, Garlic, Oyster Sauce