Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup

by Nuan Nuan Shang

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Speaking of "cordyceps flower", I wonder if you will think of the famous "cordyceps" like me. In fact, there is a fundamental difference between the two. Cordyceps flower is essentially the body of Cordyceps fruit belonging to fungi, which is very similar to common mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and other edible fungi, except that the species, growth environment and growth conditions are different. In order to distinguish it from Cordyceps, the merchant gave it a beautiful name and called it "cordyceps flower". The biggest feature of the appearance of the cordyceps flower is that it has no "worm" but only orange or yellow "grass."

Cordyceps flowers are calm in nature, neither cold nor dry, and can be eaten with confidence for most people. The cordycepic acid and cordycepin contained in it can comprehensively regulate the human body environment, and have a certain effect on enhancing and regulating the body's immune function and improving the body's ability to resist diseases. Cooking soup with yam is good for liver and kidney, replenishing the essence, and is especially suitable for office workers who often work overtime and stay up late to nourish the body.


Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup

1. Material drawing.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

2. After peeling the yam, cut into sections, soak in cold water and set aside. Cut the scallion into sections, slice the old ginger, and rinse the medlar and keep water for later use.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

3. Rinse the cordyceps flowers and soak them in 200ml of cold water for 15 minutes.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

4. Cut the pork bones into pieces, add ginger slices, green onions and cooking wine to a boil over high heat. Turn to medium heat and cook for 15-20 minutes, then remove the residue and foam on the surface of the bones with warm water.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

5. Put the blanched soup bones, green onions, ginger slices, cordyceps flower and cordyceps flower water into the electric saucepan, add 1500ml of water, select the "big bone soup" function, and press the start button.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

6. When the remaining time is reminded to be 30 minutes, add the yam section, add about 1g of salt, and continue to cook.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe

7. After the electric stew pot emits a "drip" sound, sprinkle the rinsed wolfberry on it and drink it.

Cordyceps Flower Yam Pork Bone Soup recipe


1. The "big bone soup" function of Midea's electric cooker is used to make Cordyceps flower pork bone soup.

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