Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Spring is full, and I fell in love with this "three nos" breakfast! Oil-free, sugar-free, flour-free, low-fat and healthy!

A lot of meat after the old age, right? The temperature rises in spring, and seeing that it is time to show off again, the little sisters around me have started a new round of weight loss!

No matter how delicious the sweet potato corn is, it is tasteless to eat every day, right? ! Well, for the early success of her weight loss career, Meimei combined various Wowotou recipes to create a sweet and soft cake, no oil, sugar and flour, not only has a strong feeling of fullness, but also has very low calories and a super taste. Ok! Recently, my family has eaten it for breakfast. Its soft and sweet taste fascinates both my son and husband! I really can’t eat it as a diet food!
Meimei is a physique that is prone to weight loss. Every winter, I have to grow about ten catties of meat, but I am not worried at all, because I have enough confidence and experience tells me that as long as I eat the right thing, I lose ten catties of meat in three months Easy thing!

So every year in the spring, my staple food is replaced with cornmeal, which is low-calorie and full-feeling.

Because corn flour contains less calories, it will hardly produce calories after eating, and will not form fat accumulation. Its dietary fiber content is relatively high, which can increase people’s feeling of fullness. Regular consumption can significantly reduce body weight. Good weight loss effect.

Corn flour can not only help weight loss, it also has great beauty effects, because it is rich in vitamin C, which directly acts on skin cells, accelerates skin cell metabolism, reduces the occurrence of skin oxidation reactions, and the germ components in corn flour It can speed up the regeneration of human tissue cells, so after eating corn meal, it can make the skin tender and can effectively reduce the generation of wrinkles.
Eating more whole grains is good for your health. This is something everyone knows, but whole grains are unpalatable, so few people can insist on eating every day. The beauty of this biscuits has been improved and the taste has changed a lot. .

I used yeast for fermentation, so it is easy to digest, and a small amount of flour is added, not only the taste has been greatly improved, but also it is easier to shape.

It is best to cut sugar during weight loss, so I use red dates for flavoring, so I think the sweetness of this recipe is just right without adding sugar. Of course, if you prefer sweeter, you can add sugar in it.

It is full of whole grains and feels very full. I don’t feel hungry after eating two or so in the morning. The beauties who lose weight can eat with confidence. Are they happy? Simple, no fermentation and no kneading, for the health of the family. Come and try it with Meimei.


Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits

1. The ingredients are ready.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

2. The sweet potatoes are steamed and peeled. Take 66 grams and use a rice spoon to press them into mashed potatoes.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

3. Add 1.5 grams of yeast to 60 grams of warm water to melt, then pour in corn flour, flour, and mashed sweet potatoes.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

4. Knead together into a smooth dough, cover it, and let it stand in a warm place for 15-20 minutes. The inside of the fermented dough is very fluffy.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

5. The red dates are washed clean, about 45 grams after pitting.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

6. Cut the processed red dates into strips, and then cut into pieces.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

7. Add red dates to the proofed dough, mix and knead.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

8. Divide the dough into roughly the same size, reunite and arrange it into chess pieces.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe

9. Put the prepared biscuits in a steamer and steam them on high heat for 15 minutes.

Corn and Sweet Potato Pasta Biscuits recipe


If you don’t have sweet potatoes, you can also use pumpkin, but the juice of pumpkin is more, and the powder should be added as appropriate.
I use this to make a weight loss meal, so I only use red dates for flavor. If you like to eat sweeter, it will be better with a little sugar. You can also add some raisins and cranberries to increase the taste.
The cakes made by this recipe are really delicious. They are not whole grains at all. They are as delicious as pastries!


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