Cornmeal Vegetable Cup

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup

by Huaer's gourmet kitchen

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Among all kinds of coarse grains, cornmeal is a kind of food with a relatively smooth taste. When it is made into porridge, polenta is glutinous and delicious; when it is made into cakes, the tortilla is burnt and crispy. So today, Huaer shares with you an innovative method of tortillas-cornmeal and vegetable cups


Cornmeal Vegetable Cup

1. The vegetables in the corn cup are fried into dices, which are better to serve, so we wash all the ingredients we need and dice. What I prepared is the right amount of pork tenderloin, marinated with salt and cooking wine; eryngii mushrooms, green peppers and carrots are all diced.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

2. Sit in a hot oil pan, add a little cooking oil, and quickly stir-fry the tenderloin.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

3. Add the diced carrots and the diced king oyster mushrooms. You don't need to fry them completely in this step, because they will be steamed in the pot later. Add appropriate amount of light soy sauce to make the diced vegetables evenly colored.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

4. Add diced green peppers, add appropriate amount of sugar and salt, and seasonings to evenly coat the diced vegetables, then take it out of the pot and cool to warm.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

5. 150g cornmeal and 100g white flour, add boiling water while stirring. Make cornmeal a little softer, knead it into a dough, cover it with a damp cloth and wait for 10 minutes.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

6. Take an appropriate amount of cornmeal, knead it into a ball, then put the dough in your palms, hold the dough in the palm of your left hand, slowly press the center of the dough with your right thumb, and gradually rotate to the edge to form a small bowl, then add an appropriate amount of diced vegetables.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

7. Prepare them one by one, then put them in a steamer, boil the water and steam for 10 minutes.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe

8. The cooked cornmeal and vegetable cups are beautiful and delicious, and the nutrition is balanced. Elderly people like to eat this way. I have cooked it for my parents many times. The stir-fried vegetables in it can be replaced with cucumbers, zucchini, etc. The taste is very good.

Cornmeal Vegetable Cup recipe


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