Cornmeal Pudding

Cornmeal Pudding

by Blue sky 1751901

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Cornmeal hair cake has always been a pasta that I want to eat but can't make. Hair cake is also one of the staple foods of my childhood. It is the taste of childhood that I have been reminiscing for decades...
I usually see all kinds of steamed cakes made by vendors in the market, steamed and roasted, with crispy sides. It is really tempting. Many people are buying them. I really want to stop. I'm still not tempted to worry about it again and again. Taking into account the unsanitary side, it is better to cook and eat by myself more at ease. My heart is not as good as my action. I was determined to learn how to make steamed cakes. So I read a lot of recipes for making steamed cakes, combined with the experience my mother-in-law taught me. Steamed four times is the best. The steamed cake has a soft texture and a slight sweetness. It is really delicious. I am here today to share with you my immature cooking skills, I hope you will like it.


Cornmeal Pudding

1. Prepare the ingredients used, sugar and stir in the flour

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

2. Knock the eggs into a bowl and beat them up, dissolve the yeast with warm water. Pour the eggs and the melted yeast into the flour and stir.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

3. Pour in warm water a little bit more, while pouring the water, use chopsticks to stir the flour until the batter is like a batter. Stir in one direction.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

4. Take a stainless steel pan, spread the soaked cloth on the inside, pour in the stirred batter, dip some water in the batter, and smooth the batter. The water has been heated in advance in the steamer, and the plate is put in the steamer and covered to ferment. This is the fermented cornmeal. After the high heat is boiled, count for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes, it will be out of the pot.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

5. Don't rush out the steamed rice cakes. After the pan is out of the pot, it will cool for a while, and the plate will be buckled on the lid. Dip some water with your hand and pat on the cloth evenly. Uncover the cloth while patting the water.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

6. Haha, the mysterious hair cake finally showed up. Turn the hair cake over, you can cut it into pieces and eat it.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe


1. I have never liked desserts. This time I made two spoonfuls of sugar in the hair cake. The taste is slightly sweet and I like the original flavor.
2. Friends who like desserts can put some dates, raisins, and preserved fruits, whatever they like


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