Corn Bisque

Corn Bisque

by Caterpillar

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The college entrance examination is at home, and I plan to make lunch for my parents


Corn Bisque

1. Prepare two sweet corns, one is enough, I will prepare one more for breakfast the next day

Corn Bisque recipe

2. If I don’t have time, I’ll use a knife to cut. I’m a little bit obsessive and I’m too idle, so I just peel off one by one. There is a trick. First, peel off three or four rows one by one. Will soon

Corn Bisque recipe

3. While watching Ode to Joy, you can do it in less than 20 minutes.

Corn Bisque recipe

4. Put a little less water, about 2cm less than the soymilk maker

Corn Bisque recipe

5. Press the corn juice to cook once, and then press clean twice after it is cooked, you can grind the corn more

Corn Bisque recipe

6. Cut the carrot and onion prawns into cubes, add a little corn just left and wash for later use. After the corn juice is grinded, pour it into another pot and turn on the fire. Pour in all these vegetables and milk. Cook for 3 minutes and then pour Add luncheon meat and egg liquid

Corn Bisque recipe

7. I accidentally sprayed the pot when I was cooking, so remember to open the lid and be careful not to spray the pot

Corn Bisque recipe


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