Luncheon Meat recipes

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

Spinach, Onion, Rice Noodles

Bisque Stew

Lamb, Thick Soup Treasure, Fish Ball

Boneless Chicken Wings with Vegetables

Chicken Wings, Luncheon Meat, Vegetables

Potato Stew

Potato, Luncheon Meat, Rice

Sichuan’s Famous Dish of Bobo Chicken is Made at Home at Low Cost, So

Bowl Chicken Seasoning, Various Vegetables, Chicken Wings

Chashu Mushroom Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Chickens, Tea Tree Mushroom, Shimizu

Pumpkin Bisque

Pumpkin, Milk, Light Cream

Original Sauce Hot Pot

Thick Soup Treasure, Water, Green Onions

Spicy Duck Fish Cake Soup

Spicy Cabbage Soup, Water, Luncheon Meat

Potato and Carrot Braised Rice

Potato, Carrot, Luncheon Meat

Seafood Pimple Soup

Flour, Egg, Tomato

Home Edition Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Hairy Belly, Luncheon Meat

Mushroom Hot Pot Soup Base

Seafood Mushroom, Fungus, Luncheon Meat

Mutton Soup Vermicelli

Sweet Potato Vermicelli, Parsley, Luncheon Meat

Mao Xuewang

Hairy Belly, Duck Blood, Prawn