Corn Gump Soup

Corn Gump Soup

by He Xiaohe

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This is a kind of rice porridge that I like to drink since I was a child. I can eat corn kernels, sweet and crunchy.
The season when corn is on the market is to eat all kinds of food.


Corn Gump Soup

1. Corn kernels and flour

Corn Gump Soup recipe

2. Add appropriate amount of water to the flour, mix into a dough, add half a bowl of water and let stand for a while

Corn Gump Soup recipe

3. Bring water to the pot and bring to a boil. Slowly add the dough you have just stirred. While adding it, stir it clockwise with chopsticks. The dough will become flocculent.

Corn Gump Soup recipe

4. Add corn kernels and cook for 5 minutes.

Corn Gump Soup recipe

5. Served in a bowl, a bowl of porridge, although inconspicuous, but very connotative

Corn Gump Soup recipe


Let the dough stand in the water for a while, it will be easier to develop tendons, and it will make a better pimple soup.


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