Cornmeal Buns

Cornmeal Buns

by Diamond Candy 4369

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I have a bit of cornmeal at home, so I remembered to make cornmeal buns. I did it once before, but unfortunately there was too much cornmeal and the taste was not good. This time it was quite successful


Cornmeal Buns

1. Mix flour and corn flour in a ratio of 3:1, add yeast powder (yeast powder is between the white flour and corn flour, and I didn’t get it when I took the photo). If the ratio of corn flour is high, the taste will not be good. For me who are not used to eating whole grains, I think It’s better to add more white flour

Cornmeal Buns recipe

2. It happened that I made noodles in the morning. I also added the okara from the soy milk in the morning. Some people would save the okara for a few days and make multi-grain steamed buns.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

3. While adding warm water to the pot, stir it. The warm water should not be hot to your hands. If the temperature is too high, the yeast may fail.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

4. When the flour is in the state like the picture, you can knead the dough with your hands. If the dough is too hard, dip your hands in warm water and slowly add water to the dough. Do not add water directly to the dough to avoid adding too much water.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

5. Finally knead into a clean dough, cover it with a damp cloth and leave it to ferment in a warm place (if it is summer, it will be fermented at room temperature). Now in winter, the noodles are usually made in the morning and steamed in the afternoon.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

6. When the dough has risen to almost twice its size, take the dough out and place it on a cutting board, sprinkle some flour, and knead it to exhaust.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

7. Divide the dough into similar size ingredients

Cornmeal Buns recipe

8. Knead the small ingredients into a round ball, closing the mouth down (older people have methods and skills to knead steamed buns, and I wait for the young people to just make a small round) after kneading the dough. Let it ferment at room temperature for about 20 minutes and it can be steamed in the pot. With this secondary fermentation method, the steamed buns will be softer. You should know that the bread is also dripping like this.

Cornmeal Buns recipe

9. In Jiaodong, when steaming the steamed buns, the buns are usually put under the buns, so that the steamed buns are more fragrant. After steaming the steamed buns on a high fire, steam them on a low heat for 20 minutes.

Cornmeal Buns recipe


It must be fully fermented and the second fermentation method is used to make the steamed buns softer


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