Cornmeal Pudding

Cornmeal Pudding

by twinsliuliu

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Suddenly, I was inspired to create an illustration with the prepared cornmeal cake. A cute and stupid Wang Xingren bravely rushed to the garden in TA's heart, where there are flowers, grass, and bright sunshine... This cornmeal rice cake is golden in color, soft in taste, and sweet in taste. Greasy, and too beautiful to be undesirable.


Cornmeal Pudding

1. Ingredients to be prepared: cornmeal: 250g, ordinary flour: 500g

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

2. Ingredients: Yeast: 4g, Aluminum-free baking powder: 1g

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

3. Prepare ingredients: jujube: appropriate amount, green and red silk: appropriate amount, water: 750ml. After the jujube is cleaned, soak it in warm water for a while, cut it into the desired shape, and use kitchen paper to absorb the water for later use.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

4. Mix the cornmeal, flour, yeast, and baking powder together and mix well.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

5. Mix the noodles with warm water and pour the warm water in portions. Put the water in portions, and observe the state of the batter while pouring the water.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

6. When scooping up the noodles with a spoon, it can appear as a silk ribbon, and the batter is in the best condition.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

7. Wet the cloth and spread it on the bamboo basket.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

8. Pour the mixed batter evenly into the basket. Finally, use a small spoon dipped in water to smooth the surface.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

9. After pouring the batter, pick up the basket and gently knock on the table to shake out bubbles. Carry out 饧发. When the batter is twice as high as the original, it means that the batter is in place.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

10. After the hair is finished, sprinkle jujube and green red silk on the surface. Steamed. It is cooked in 35 minutes after steaming in the steamer.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

11. Running with the wind and freedom is the direction. The power of chasing thunder and lightning puts the vast ocean into my chest. Even the smallest sail can fly with the wind. I have dreams of wings. I dare to love and dare to bravely break even if I meet it No matter how big the risk is, there will be a tacit look at it!

Cornmeal Pudding recipe


1. Because different flours have different drafts, please increase or decrease the amount of water as appropriate according to the condition of the flour, and the batter shall flow down slowly in a satin-like shape.
2. After adding water, be sure to mix the batter evenly and avoid gnocchi so as not to affect the taste.
3. The cloth must be damp, and it must be sufficiently damp, otherwise it will not be easy to peel off after cooking, please take off the cloth while it is hot after cooking.
4. If you don't have a bamboo basket, you can use a cake mold with oil instead, but it is not as convenient to remove the film as a bamboo basket. The taste of the finished product is better if it is steamed in a bamboo basket.
5. The steaming time can be increased or decreased according to the size of the steamed cake.


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