Cornmeal Pudding

Cornmeal Pudding

by Xue Yao _Michelle

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Why tell a story! I have no more stories! Why do you make hair cakes, because you don't want to eat rice! Because I made spicy beef soup, I wanted to serve rice cakes! The story is over, and finally the recipe can be written, meow!


Cornmeal Pudding

1. A large collection of ingredients except milk, sugar as needed

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

2. Add milk and mix well, it's a sticky lump, hahaha

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

3. Put it in a mold to ferment. Regarding fermentation, you can boil some water in a steamer. The water temperature is almost the same as the temperature of the bath water. Put the things to be fermented in and cover the lid. In this way, the humidity in the pot is high enough and the temperature is enough, suitable for fermentation in winter.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe

4. Just put it in the pot like this, I made it for about an hour, then covered the lid and steamed on high heat, waited two or three minutes for the water to boil, then turned to medium heat, steamed for 30 minutes, stuffy for 3 minutes, just open the lid.

Cornmeal Pudding recipe


1. The batter of the hair cake is sticky, it can be thinner, but not the kind of dough like steamed buns.
2. Be patient when fermenting, don't steam without growing tall, so that the cake won't rise up, and it won't taste very good. I wish everyone a good appetite.


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