Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry Cookies

by Zero Zero Baking

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Cranberry cookies should be a must-make cookie for novices. It is very simple and easy to make, and the taste is more delicious than ordinary cookies. It is actually very easy to make delicious and well-shaped cookies, as long as you master the following Just a few points to pay attention to


Cranberry Cookies

1. Cut the butter into small pieces and put it at room temperature to soften. The softened butter can be gently pierced into the finger. It will be faster in summer and longer in winter.

Cranberry Cookies recipe

2. The softened butter is added with powdered sugar and beaten until it puffs, the color becomes lighter, and it is creamy

Cranberry Cookies recipe

3. Add the whole egg liquid in portions, and beat each time until it is mixed before adding it again. Eggs at room temperature are easier to beat

Cranberry Cookies recipe

4. As shown in the picture after laying, it is a delicate and light paste

Cranberry Cookies recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour

Cranberry Cookies recipe

6. Use a spatula to mix until evenly, you can press while turning and mix until there is no white flour, powder and butter mixed

Cranberry Cookies recipe

7. Add dried cranberries and mix well

Cranberry Cookies recipe

8. Put the mixed dough in plastic wrap, arrange it into a rectangular shape, wrap it and put it in the refrigerator until it is hard, just keep it in the refrigerator, if you put it in the freezer, please take it out in time and don’t overfroze it (don’t save this step, this determines the shape of the biscuit )

Cranberry Cookies recipe

9. After hardening, use a knife to cut into 0.5cm thick pieces, the thickness is according to personal needs, not too thin

Cranberry Cookies recipe

10. After cutting, put it into a baking tray covered with tarp, put it in a preheated oven and fire up and down 180 degrees, bake the middle layer for 13 minutes and then turn to the upper layer for 3 minutes to color (the biscuits are different in thickness and the time should be increased or decreased appropriately)

Cranberry Cookies recipe


1. The butter must be softened, especially in winter, the butter is too hard to pass, and it is easy to break the whisk
2. If the eggs are placed in the refrigerator, they must be taken out in advance and returned to room temperature. The egg liquid at room temperature can be mixed into the butter more fully, and it is not laborious to beat
3. The batter is relatively thick, and pressure mixing can be used when mixing. It is hard at first, and more mixing will make it softer. After mixing, it must be refrigerated until it is hard and then cut, so that the cut and baked shapes will be the same. well
4. The oven must be preheated in advance, and the preheated oven in advance can make the biscuits shape faster, otherwise it is easy to melt the biscuit batter, and the natural shape will not be good when it is baked.
5. Adjust the grilling time appropriately according to the temperature of your own oven and the thickness of the biscuits


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