Cranberry Rye Toast

Cranberry Rye Toast

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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Recently, I especially like to make various kinds of bread with soup, because the soup is very easy to make, and the toast bread has become super soft because of this extra step, and it is not hard for 3 days. In addition to the soup, the Chinese side also adds some light cream, which contains a certain amount of protein and oil, which makes the toast bread more mellow and soft. The shaping method of spike toast does not need to be rolled and folded. The bread drawing method is practical and super simple!


Cranberry Rye Toast

1. Prepare the ingredients

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

2. Make the soup first: put 20 grams of high-gluten flour and 100 grams of milk into the pot and mix well

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

3. Just heat it to a paste with a small fire, don’t boil it, let it cool for later use

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

4. Put the soup seeds and the main dough ingredients except butter into the bread machine and start kneading

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

5. After the end, put in the softened butter and continue

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

6. Knead until the dough can hold out the thin film on your hands.

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

7. Take out the dough and put it in a large fresh-keeping bag, put it in the refrigerator, and take it out in advance when you have time to thaw and return to the temperature; or let it stand for a while and proceed directly to the next step

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

8. Chop the dried cranberries and place them on the warmed dough. Fold repeatedly to melt the cranberries into the dough

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

9. According to the length and width of the mold, decide whether the dough is more or less, and divide it; the 2 pound pound cake mold I used, divided 20 small pieces of dough, and then rounded each dough, covered with plastic wrap and continued to relax for 15 minutes

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

10. Take a small dough and roll it into an oval shape

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

11. Fold up and down after turning it over

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

12. After folding all, put it into the mold, put it in the oven, add a bowl of hot water, and let it ferment at room temperature naturally.

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

13. When the hair mold is full for 9 minutes, take out the mold and use a small brush to brush the whole egg liquid on the surface of the toast embryo; at the same time, preheat the oven at 165 degrees.

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

14. Put it into the lower layer of the preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

15. Tin foil can be added after coloring to prevent the color from being too dark

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe


Cranberry Rye Toast recipe

17. After being out of the oven, immediately demould and move them to the grill

Cranberry Rye Toast recipe


1. Use soup seeds to make bread with high water content, softness and elasticity, slow aging, good taste and longer shelf life; the ratio of flour to water used in soup seeds is 1:5, that is, 1 part of flour and 5 parts of water. Heat to gelatinize and let cool before use.
2. Don’t mind if you have too much sugar and oil, you can make it according to the original formula of 40 grams of butter and 75 grams of white sugar. Remember to put 6 grams of salt. The finished bread will be softer and more delicious; just eat it. The burden on the body is a bit heavy, depending on each person's preference.
3. If you don’t have light cream, you can replace 100 grams of light cream with 93 grams of milk; if you don’t have rye flour, use high-gluten flour; if you find it troublesome to make the soup, add the soup and the main dough ingredients together and use The direct method is the same.
4. The specific baking temperature and time, please adjust according to the situation of your own oven; you can also cover with tin foil in the middle to prevent the color from deepening and affect the appearance.


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