Cranberry Tremella Syrup

Cranberry Tremella Syrup

by Jackey cat

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Tremella, also known as white fungus, has always been regarded as a valuable nutritional tonic, with high nutritional value. Contains a variety of vitamins and 17 kinds of amino acids and minerals. Therefore, eating Tremella regularly can not only supplement a variety of nutrients, but also enhance children’s resistance, and have the effect of fighting diseases and strengthening the body. Add a few cranberries to the boiled Tremella syrup to make each sweet and sour appetizer. Dried cranberries, kids love it even more


Cranberry Tremella Syrup

1. Soak the white fungus, cut off the yellow hard roots at the bottom, wash it, and tear it directly into pieces by hand

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe

2. Put the clean white fungus into the rice cooker

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe

3. Wash red dates and add

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe

4. Pour in enough water to start the soup mode

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe

5. After cooking, you can add rock sugar to taste according to your own taste

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe

6. Just add the dried cranberries before eating, and you can enjoy

Cranberry Tremella Syrup recipe


Tremella needs a longer time to cook the gum. If you want to cook the gum faster, it is recommended to use a pressure cooker


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