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This is a handy dish made from the remaining ingredients of the layer cake. It is based on the principle of not wasting.



1. Prepare ingredients

Crepe recipe

2. Take proper amount of dragon fruit, cut some into long strips, and squeeze the juice that is not easy to cut, no need to add water

Crepe recipe

3. Filter the squeezed juice for later use

Crepe recipe

4. Add water and sugar to the eggs to make egg liquid, and finally sift and add flour

Crepe recipe

5. Butter is hydrated

Crepe recipe

6. Add flour and egg liquid

Crepe recipe

7. Filter again

Crepe recipe

8. The filtered stock solution is divided into two, and an appropriate amount of dragon juice is added

Crepe recipe

9. Flatten the pan evenly, not too thick

Crepe recipe

10. Let the fried skins cool for later use. Take a round mold and cut into shapes. Add a layer of skins to the long slices of dragon fruit just now. Build up layer by layer. The remaining skin can be rolled up to make a flower decoration.

Crepe recipe


This is a dessert that tests patience. It looks complicated. The fact is that it is not complicated at all to make it slowly, because this dessert is made by making the leftover crust of the mullet cake. The fact is that the previous steps are the same as the crust of the mullet cake. .


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