Crispy Peanut Chocolate Chips

Crispy Peanut Chocolate Chips

by Nicole

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Although it’s not a good habit to eat snacks, but sometimes, if you don’t have a little bit of it at hand, if you don’t chew a little bit of it in your mouth, you always feel so awkward. For example, when watching TV or watching a movie, such as When working on a plane or taking a train, for example, when sitting in front of a computer and writing something...
In short, snacks are indispensable when chatting with friends. It is easier to make people happy while eating and chatting. When a person is entertained by himself, there are fewer snacks. You can eat and play while you are alone. , Days will not be lonely, time will not be lonely...
Serious people, no matter what they do, they must have the spirit of research. This is no exception. After my research and conclusion, this is suitable for non-dinner meals. It must have several distinguishing characteristics: small size, full taste, and easy to pick and place. . In addition, it is best to meet three conditions: not enough to eat, not tired to eat, and not fat to eat. Only in this way can we guarantee that we will not tire of eating, not afraid to eat, and continue to eat...
Today’s peanut chocolate chip is a very simple microwave snack. The last microwave lemon scented apple pie was unbelievably popular. It seems that there are not a few students who want to play baking without an oven, so today we have another peanut chocolate chip specially designed for students who don’t have an oven. Article.
This shortbread stick still uses the original flavor flying cake. Last time I found that many students didn’t know what the flying cake was. In fact, it is a kind of quick-frozen shortbread crust. It is usually sold in the freezer counters of large supermarkets. It has original flavor and green onion fragrance. Two types, I have also made Portuguese egg tarts and char siu crispy fillets with green onion flavor before. The flying cake will have a crisping effect when heated, and it is very convenient to make pastry.
Don't look at this hand-made shortbread bar that is easy to make. With the aroma of chocolate and peanut particles, it tastes very sweet, crispy and delicious. It is very suitable for grinding teeth in leisure time. The slender look is comfortable to look at, and easy to hold, no matter how you eat, you can never lose sight of a lady.


Crispy Peanut Chocolate Chips

1. Thaw the pie at room temperature, and roll it out into a rectangular slice; half of the rectangle is brushed with a layer of egg liquid; the portion brushed with egg liquid is evenly sprinkled with a layer of chocolate chips and a layer of peanuts; fold the unbrushed portion Come over and lightly compact

Crispy Peanut Chocolate Chips recipe

2. Cut into thin strips about 1 cm × 10 cm, brush with a layer of egg liquid; brush a thin layer of vegetable oil or butter in the dish; twist the cut biscuit sticks into a spiral and place it in the dish, keeping the gap; brush again Put a layer of egg liquid into the microwave oven, heat it on medium heat for 3 minutes, take it out and turn over one by one, and continue to heat it on medium heat for 2 minutes until you see the color on the surface

Crispy Peanut Chocolate Chips recipe


1. The fly cake just taken out of the freezer is brittle and easy to break, so it needs to be put in the refrigerator or thawed at room temperature before proceeding to the next step;
2. The fly cake can be thawed and softened a little bit, too soft to operate;
3. The peanut particles should be as fine as possible to avoid leakage when twisting the screw;
4. The heating time is for reference only. It depends on the power adjustment of the microwave oven and can be painted. Do not use high heat to avoid burning.

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