Crispy Pizza

Crispy Pizza

by january0106

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The thin-bottomed pizza is very fragrant and crisp. After eating it once, I now like the thin-bottomed pizza almost every time I make it. It's very easy to make, as long as it is thinner when rolling it out. , One side is beef cubes, the other side is bacon, enjoy the two flavors together~~


Crispy Pizza

1. Put all the ingredients into the bread machine, start kneading until the end, leave for 1 hour to double size

Crispy Pizza recipe

2. Take out the dough, vent gently and round it, let it rest for 10 minutes;

Crispy Pizza recipe

3. Roll out the dough into a rectangular pancake, use a fork to make a small hole on the dough, 饧 for 10 minutes, spread the tomato sauce;

Crispy Pizza recipe

4. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese, corn kernels, green beans, diced carrots, half of the pasta with beef cubes, the other half with bacon, and finally shredded cheese. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes.

Crispy Pizza recipe


The baking time depends on my taste. I want to eat crispy pizza, so the baking time is longer.


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