Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Today’s filling is made with hydrating horn melon and eye-protecting carrots, plus fried meat, seasoned with a little sweet noodle sauce, special taste, thin skin and big filling, super delicious, there are some who like to eat fillings. Have a try!


Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun

1. The horned melons and carrots are shredded with tools. Don’t rub it too finely, otherwise it will shrink too small when marinated with salt, and it will not chewy. Mix the rubbed silk with salt directly for 5 minutes.

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

2. Dice the pork belly directly, do not chop it, cut into small dices, add oil to the wok, fry the chopped ginger, then add the pork belly and fry, stir-fry with moisture, and fry the oil.

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

3. The marinated squash and carrot shreds are simply chopped a few times, add the chopped green onions, add the fried diced meat, add 2 tablespoons of sweet noodle sauce, a little pepper, and reduce the amount of oil. When frying the meat, add both kneading and oil It’s coming in, it’s okay if you don’t drain the oil later

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

4. Carry all the ingredients into stuffing

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

5. The dough should be kneaded in advance. The dough for steaming dumplings in water is usually 500 grams of flour and 270 grams of warm water to knead it smoothly. After mixing the dough, make the filling. When the filling is done, the dough is ready. Make a small noodle and roll it into a thin skin. The skin is as thin as a dumpling skin. It’s a bit bigger and stuffed to make a bun.

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

6. When everything is done, put the rows into the oiled pan, fry on low heat, and fry the bottom of the buns to a slightly yellowish state. Take a look at it, as shown in the picture, you can put the water in.

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

7. Add one tablespoon of flour to one tablespoon of starch, stir evenly with about 500 grams of dihydrate, pour into the pot, the water reaches one-third of the height of the steamed buns, and fry on medium heat.

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe

8. About 6 minutes or so, fry the water to dry, boil the pan and then fry the steam on the surface, scatter in the cooked sesame seeds, and remove the pan

Crispy Pork Fillet Melon Fried Bun recipe


Pay attention to the amount of salt when adjusting the filling. You don’t need to add salt in the later stage, because the squash and carrots have been pickled with salt and have a slight salty taste. Later, sweet noodle sauce is added, so you don’t need to add salt. Add appropriately by yourself.

The stuffed buns I made are cooked, so I don’t add much water and the time is short. If it’s raw minced meats, add more water and fry for a while. At the same time, adjust the time depending on the size of the buns.

Pour a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of starch into the water in the frying pan, not too much, it will become a batter, which looks turbid than clear water.

Finally, all the steam must be fried to make a crispy bottom.


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