Crispy Yellow Croaker

Crispy Yellow Croaker

by Xianger Kitchen

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Crispy yellow croaker, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, crispy and delicious. The small yellow croaker has fresh and tender meat, rich nutrition, low price and good quality, and the cooking methods are also diversified. Braised in brown sauce, soup, etc. are quite delicious, occasionally change the taste of a small crispy yellow croaker, which makes people feel unique.


Crispy Yellow Croaker

1. Wash the small yellow croaker and drain the water after removing the head

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

2. Prepare flour, cornstarch, cooking wine, shredded ginger, green onion, white pepper

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

3. First add 4 grams of salt and mix well, then add the cooking wine, green onion, shredded ginger and white pepper together, mix well and marinate for 1 hour

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

4. Flour, cornstarch, salt, mix well and add an egg yolk

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

5. After mixing well, slowly pour in water, stirring until it becomes a paste

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

6. Then paste the marinated yellow croaker

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

7. Pour the oil in a hot pan and add a little paste after the oil temperature rises. Immediately floating indicates that the oil temperature is enough

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

8. Divide into the deep-fried

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

9. Deep-fried and picked up

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe

10. Use kitchen paper to absorb the oil

Crispy Yellow Croaker recipe


1. The oil temperature of fried food must be raised to a certain level before it can be put into the pot. You can test the oil temperature before frying
2. Each company has different tastes, please adjust according to your own taste


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