Croutons Salad

Croutons Salad

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A wonderful breakfast consists of four parts: cereals, meat, dairy products, and of course, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Croutons salad is a very nutritious breakfast. It has both staple food and vegetables. It is also nutritious. It contains the starch of bread and the vitamins of vegetables. Adding tuna not only improves the taste, but also increases the nutrition of protein.


Croutons Salad

1. Prepare the ingredients

Croutons Salad recipe

2. Wash the lettuce and bitter chrysanthemum and tear them apart, wash the cucumbers and small tomatoes, slice them, and cut the tuna into cubes

Croutons Salad recipe

3. Put butter in the pan and fry the toast until golden on both sides

Croutons Salad recipe

4. Take a large bowl, add shredded lettuce leaves, bitter chrysanthemum, small tomatoes, cucumbers, add some freshly ground black pepper, Thousand Island sauce, squeeze lemon juice, sprinkle diced toast, tuna, ready to eat

Croutons Salad recipe
Croutons Salad recipe
Croutons Salad recipe


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