Crucian Ham Soup

Crucian Ham Soup

by Ordinary world~

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I have Miyun wild crucian carp and Jinhua ham at home. I have made crucian carp tofu soup and crucian fish mushroom soup. I ate Jinhua ham for the first time. I suddenly wanted to make a crucian carp ham soup. The soup was very thick because it was very delicious. Not so good, the taste is good, I feel a bit violent -_-#


Crucian Ham Soup

1. Wash and set aside, marinate the fish with cooking wine, salt and ginger slices for 30 minutes.

Crucian Ham Soup recipe

2. The ham is blanched to remove its saltiness.

Crucian Ham Soup recipe

3. A little fried fish

Crucian Ham Soup recipe

4. The ingredients prepared by frying the oil in the pot, add vinegar, cooking wine, and the taste is very fresh. It is recommended to use white vinegar and rice vinegar instead of soy sauce. I used balsamic vinegar. The taste is very fresh and the soup is dark, which affects the color.

Crucian Ham Soup recipe

5. Add all the ingredients into a casserole, heat water, turn to a low heat and simmer for 60 minutes.

Crucian Ham Soup recipe

6. Add chives, monosodium glutamate and sesame oil out of the pot

Crucian Ham Soup recipe


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