Crucian Fish Soup

Crucian Fish Soup

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Crucian carp soup clears heat and promotes dampness, invigorates the spleen and stomach. It is a health-preserving soup especially suitable for the elderly and children to enjoy.


Crucian Fish Soup

1. Wash the crucian carp. Drain the water, heat the oil pan, all the oil should be a little bit, the oil should be heated to 70-8% hot, add the crucian carp and fry

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

2. Fry until slightly yellow on both sides

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

3. Put it in a casserole, add green onions, ginger, boil, add cooking wine, then switch to a medium-low heat to simmer, simmer for about 25 minutes

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

4. Stewed soup, add salt and season

Crucian Fish Soup recipe


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