Crucian Tofu Soup

Crucian Tofu Soup

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Tangbai Weimei, fresh and delicious


Crucian Tofu Soup

1. Pour oil in the pan, turn in the ginger slices, add the crucian carp, fry slowly on low heat, fry until golden and turn over

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

2. Pour 750ml of water into the pot to boil, pour in the fried fish

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

3. Add sliced ginger, green onion, 3g cooking wine, 1g pepper, 5g chicken powder, 3g salt, 250g soft tofu

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

4. Boil on high heat and turn to medium heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

5. Out of the pot, finished

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe


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