Crucian Fish Soup

Crucian Fish Soup

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The white soup is delicious, fragrant and nutritious~


Crucian Fish Soup

1. Prepare 3g slices of green onion, 3g slices of ginger, 1 carp head and fins removed;

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

2. Put the crucian carp on the plate, sprinkle 10g starch evenly on both sides

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

3. Pour 5ml of oil from the pan, add ginger slices and add crucian carp, fry until golden on both sides

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

4. Pour 1L of water from the pot, add 1 star anise, green onion and crucian carp in the water, boil on high heat

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

5. Add 2g of salt and cook for 10 minutes on medium heat

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

6. Enjoy it

Crucian Fish Soup recipe


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