Crystal Dumplings

Crystal Dumplings

by Connie Chen

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During the Lantern Festival, give a bowl of glutinous rice balls. I hope that after you eat, your love will be like glutinous rice balls, sticking and bonding will not separate; your career will be like glutinous rice balls, making big money fiercely; life will be like glutinous rice balls, delicious and sweet!
[Crystal Gnocchi] My child is clamoring to do it. I am a very brave person, and I dare to do it before. I was thinking of transparent flour like lotus root flour, tapioca starch or sago. In summer, I often make mango sago, taro coconut milk sago, etc. The sago tastes good. It is said that sago has beauty effects. I use sago to try to make crystal glutinous rice balls.


Crystal Dumplings

1. Put the sago into the cooking machine and polish it into sago noodles

Crystal Dumplings recipe

2. Stir the sago for 30 seconds and stop during the grinding process, otherwise the machine will burn out easily. The sago powder should be sifted.

Crystal Dumplings recipe

3. Add water to the sago flour and knead it into a dough

Crystal Dumplings recipe

4. Prepare the fillings for the glutinous rice balls, this time I used red bean paste and green bean paste

Crystal Dumplings recipe

5. Roll out the dough, wrap it in the filling, and round it

Crystal Dumplings recipe

6. Prepared crystal dumplings

Crystal Dumplings recipe

7. Boil the water in the saucepan and add the glutinous rice balls, add cold water after boiling, repeat twice to cook the glutinous rice balls

Crystal Dumplings recipe

8. The cooked glutinous rice balls sprinkled with osmanthus, crystal glutinous rice balls full of osmanthus fragrance

Crystal Dumplings recipe


1. Sago is also called sago rice. The most traditional is the starch extracted from the pith of the sago palm tree, which is processed by hand. It has the effects of invigorating the spleen, replenishing the lungs, and resolving phlegm, and has the effect of curing the weakness of the spleen and stomach and indigestion; sago also has the function of restoring the skin's natural moisturizing.
2. The amount of water added to the sago flour should be gradually added to knead the sago flour into a dough.
3. The fillings can be filled with purple sweet potato, chestnut puree and other favorite fillings. My child especially likes red bean paste and requires fillings of the same color as the dough, so I made two fillings.


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